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Ep. 264 - What does it look like to shift your life and career without fear again and again? Nada Vujicic, the guest relations manager at the Azamara Quest cruise ship, talks about her life and career shifts and how those experiences have changed her. Nada Vujicic is the guest relations manager at the Azamara Quest cruise ship. She started her career journey at sea in 2009 and worked in many positions before getting to where she is now. In this episode, she shares her career journey from working in a cruise ship spa to becoming a guest relations manager.

Listen in to learn about the role of a cruise ship’s guest relations manager and how to navigate the challenges that come with it. You will also learn why you shouldn’t be scared to make a career shift at any age if you desire to experience change in your life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Insight into a career at sea
  • Why you shouldn’t shy away from shifting your career if you want to experience new things
  • The importance of starting from the bottom to the top to grow your career

"“Every guest has their own specific concern, and our primary goal is the guest and their satisfaction.”- Nada Vujicic

In this episode you will learn:

  • Nada describes her childhood experiences in Serbia and how she got interested in working at sea [1:17]
  • She explains the process of being hired on a cruise ship and working on a cruise ship spa [5:10]
  • How she shifted her career from working in a spa to guest relations before moving to Azamara [8:01]
  • She describes her role as a documentation officer, which is a part of a guest relations manager [11:04]
  • How the guest relations department deals with guests’ concerns and challenges [13:58]
  • How Azamara has intentionally become systematic over the years to make it easier for guests [17:41]
  • Nada’s advice to young people looking to start a career at sea, plus her passion for baking [21:24]
  • She describes some of her happiest moments plus where she sees herself in the future [25:18]


Nada has been at sea since 2009, first working for Steiner in the spa as a therapist and Spa Manager, then moving to the Guest Relations department in 2016.

During the last five years, Nada has completed various roles including Concierge, Documentation Officer, and Guest Relations Officer.

Most recently, Nada was promoted to Guest Relations Manager and is enthusiastic in her new role onboard Quest.

When on vacation, Nada enjoys baking cakes and spending time with her family and cats and dogs.

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