The Art of Creating Miracles: An Intuitive Journey with Christi Corradi


Mastering the Art of Life

Ep. 291 - In this enlightening episode, join our deep dive with the gifted miracle specialist Christi Corradi - an intuitive artist renowned for her unique intuitive wisdom drawing sessions.

Through these sessions, Christi guides individuals to tap into their creativity, helping them discover and shatter the barriers that hinder their life's progress.

Christi takes us through her transformative 7-step coursework and offers invaluable tips for manifesting miracles in your everyday life.

Learn how to transition from being a victim of circumstances to becoming an empowered architect of your destiny.

Especially valuable for women over sixty, Christi guides you on a journey of rediscovery, as she elaborates on the necessity of shifting habits and relinquishing old paradigms.

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategies for creating miracles by transitioning from victimhood to empowerment
  • Discovering your renewed identity by altering your habits and releasing antiquated mindsets
  • The crucial role of gratitude in your life
  • The art of cultivating a rhythm of self-care that inspires others


"Being a victim is a huge reason why people don’t succeed in life, and they don’t create miracles in their lives.”- Christi Corradi

Detailed Episode Breakdown:


[01:02] - Christi shares her personal journey of miracle creation

[05:48] - Detailed insights on transitioning from victimhood to empowerment

[06:41] - The essential role of action in realizing your dreams

[09:14] - The importance of thought observation and transformation

[11:34] - Christi unveils the origins of her intuitive drawing gift and its healing powers

[17:00] - A guide for women over sixty on life rediscovery by releasing old paradigms

[24:03] - Studying nature's rhythms: The cheetah as a personal symbol

[30:44] - Christi's unique offerings to help you unearth your trauma and set a healing course


Christi is an intuitive artist who provides Intuitive Wisdom Drawing Sessions.


She guides clients to access the creative part of their brain to uncover and break through what's been holding them back from the life they would LOVE to live... to master the art of their life.  She does the drawing; you get the insights. 


Author of Beyond the Box; Creative Thinking Expanded, and The Creative Way in 5 Minutes a Day, and creator of Tangible Tools 4Success, Christi draws from 4 decades in the personal development field to guide her clients to design the life they want, discover what’s in the way, and create their life as the Masterpiece it was meant to be.

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