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Michele D’Amico | Emotional Intelligence

Vetta Ep. 287 – Are you emotionally intelligent in your leadership? Emotional intelligence is as valuable as an IQ for a leader to build a high-performing business. In this episode, Michele D’Amico discusses the value of emotional intelligence in building thriving teams at the workplace. Dr. Michele D’Amico is the founder of Vetta, a Marshall …

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Purposeful Speaking | Nadine Collins

Her Fearless Mission Ep. 286 – Have you recognized your purpose, and are you living it? To live your purpose is to live in alignment with yourself and to do what you’re called to do without fear. Nadine Collins explains what purpose means and how to create a purposeful life that empowers you to make a …

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Build Consistent Cashflow | Athena Captain | Purse Power

Purse Power Ep. 284 – A consistent cash flow is a necessity in a business! But how do you achieve it? Athena Captain explains the importance of understanding your target audience, having a prospecting plan, a follow-up plan, and building a referral network. Athena Captain is a coach, speaker, and author who coaches business owners, …

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Headshot of Ann Bennett with hands crossed

Business Branding | Ann Bennett

Renegade Branding Ep. 277 – Are you craving to create something and show up as your authentic self? Ann Bennett is the founder of Renegade Branding, a best-selling author, coach, and Brand Profit Builder. She’s a renegade, creative entrepreneur, curiosity and courage driven, dedicated to helping people own and unleash their unique selves. In this …

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Billboard with Jessica Miller-Merrell picture

Self-Care with Remote Workers | Jessica Miller-Merrell

Purse Power Ep. 276 – Have you considered the benefits of remote workers as small business owners? Jessica Miller-Merrell discusses the best practices for a remote work environment and how you can build a beneficial relationship with your remote workers as a small business owner. Jessica Miller-Merrell is an author, speaker, human resources professional, and …

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