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Business Financial Expertise | Heather Zeitzwolfe

Zeitzwolfe Accounting Ep. 289 – Do you want to understand the financial side of your business and build a successful business? Heather Zeitzwolfe is a successful business owner, a Certified Public Accountant, a profit strategist, and a Financial Coach who shares her tips on the steps to take and avoid to build a profitable business. …

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Purposeful Speaking | Nadine Collins

Her Fearless Mission Ep. 286 – Have you recognized your purpose, and are you living it? To live your purpose is to live in alignment with yourself and to do what you’re called to do without fear. Nadine Collins explains what purpose means and how to create a purposeful life that empowers you to make a …

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Cruise Director Amanda Poulson OnBoard Azamara Quest | Nan McKay

How would you like to be a Cruise Director on a cruise ship going all over the world? I’m Nan McKay interviewing Amanda Poulson who is on the Azamara Quest cruise ship. I was amazed to find out everything I cruise director is responsible for! I thought maybe it would just be making the announcements each day and yes, she does have a green screen right in her office, but it’s much more! And I found out that most Cruise Directors have been performers. Join us in this lively conversation about cruising around the world and how she found her new love – and husband.

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