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The Manhattan Doughnut Queen | Leslie Polizzotto

Wouldn’t you love to have a doughnut shop that brought a new flavor every week which reminded you of a food or a drink? If you’re thinking about starting a business that’s completely out of the scope of your current career path as a woman over 40, then you need to listen to Leslie Polizzotto. She started a doughnut business at age 44 with a career background in litigation law and found success.

Decisions with Worldwide Consequences | Carla Hills

What would it be like to be responsible for negotiating a trade agreement with China or Japan or any other world country? Imagine yourself about to take a high-level job with the Federal government when the news came on about the Saturday Night Massacre. Carla Hills takes us on a journey through her very interesting life, working directly with several United States Presidents.

How to Start and Grow as an Online Entrepreneur | Case Lane

Have you ever wanted to start an online business? Case Lane is an entrepreneur, a global writer, traveler, and observer to the future. She helps people achieve lifestyle freedom by fulfilling their dream to become an entrepreneur through her website, Ready Entrepreneur, podcast, books and courses.

How to Achieve Digital Accessibility | Sheri Byrne Haber

Do you know that 98% of the websites in the world are not accessible? Plus there are over 4000 lawsuits filed in the last year over digital accessibility. If you are an employer, do you know what you should do to ensure workplace accessibility? All these questions and more are answered by Sheri Byrne-Haber, a disability expert consultant and blogger. Find out where your own liabilities are!

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