How to Help Domestic Violence Survivors | Crystal Justice and Lata Sharma | Purse Power

Even though rarely talked about, the issue of domestic violence is much more common than you might think, and mostly affects women and communities of color. Crystal Justice has more than 18 years of experience dealing with the issue and will help us understand it better. Lata Sharma is proactively producing wearable technology.

How to Excel at Digital Marketing | Dorothy Vernon Brown

Have you struggled with marketing in the online arena? Dorothy Vernon-Brown is a small business marketing strategist & coach on a mission to help local small business owners. Dorothy is the founder of AKB² Small Business Marketing and is the co-founder of which leverages the explosive power of digital automation including emails, chatbots, SMS, and mobile wallets so that business owners can quickly grow and scale by putting their marketing on autopilot.

How to Create a Health Generation Through Tech Innovations | Elizabeth Hutt Pollard | Purse Power

Now more than ever, technology is required to develop health innovations for a healthier society. Elizabeth Hutt Pollard has had a successful career in the health-tech industry and made some huge career and community milestones. She shares her journey and success tips and lessons.

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