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How To Hold Successful Virtual Events | DeShawn Spellman

Purse Power Ep. 282 – DeShawn Spellman is a Diversity Recruiting and Partnerships Manager with Lyft and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program Director with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. He has had extensive experience managing major virtual conferences for some of the largest companies in the country. In this episode, DeShawn shares his insights on creating extraordinary …

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Cruise Director Amanda Poulson OnBoard Azamara Quest | Nan McKay

How would you like to be a Cruise Director on a cruise ship going all over the world? I’m Nan McKay interviewing Amanda Poulson who is on the Azamara Quest cruise ship. I was amazed to find out everything I cruise director is responsible for! I thought maybe it would just be making the announcements each day and yes, she does have a green screen right in her office, but it’s much more! And I found out that most Cruise Directors have been performers. Join us in this lively conversation about cruising around the world and how she found her new love – and husband.

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